Paras Emperor is all about raising the bar! For once forget what the market is offering and think what can be possible. It isn't just about luxurious dwelling. It's all about Creating Possibilities! The first impression counts & at Paras Emperor, it is truly mighty & majestic. The palatial elevation of Paras Emperor piques the curiosity of visitors. What they will see inside will simply exceed their expectations! Welcome to our spaciously designed 3, 4.5, 5 BHK super luxury residences in Bhopal also recognized as high rise apartments in E8 extension - a possession you will cherish for generations!!! Emerging out with novelty among the properties at Bhopal, these super rich flats are all set to add grandiose to your life. So, get ready for the best homes from the renowned builders in Bhopal.

The Story

Creating something special requires the ability to think different and dogged pursuit of excellence!

From the very outset, we at Paras Lifestyles were determined to create something extraordinary. There were challenges. But we allowed instincts to take centre stage and imagination to roam free. We asked questions. We explored options. We followed rules but shunned conventions. We were clear we wanted nothing short of a towering masterpiece. A home like no other; a home without compare! Be it architecture, amenities or the aesthetic integrity.

Making of Paras Emperor was nothing short of setting an industry standard.In the end we are thrilled at what we have achieved. The blue print has come out nicely in matter. Our belief to try out something brazenly new, risky at first, has met a very encouraging response from our patrons.

Paras Emperor


The Crowning Glory

Automatic high

speed passenger elevator & separate service elevator in each tower


Rainwater harvesting for recharging ground water

Lavishly designed

3, 4.5 & 5 BHK super luxury residences

Grand entrance

triple height, air-conditioned & with visitors lounge

Power backup

provided for common services with automatic change over

Controlled lighting

across all drive ways with avoidance of incandescent Lamps